What is the adverse effect of smoking?

Smoking is injurious to health. It will block the nervous system of your body and many other parts. So you have to quit smoking it is better for you as well as for your family also. There are many disadvantages of smoking which you have to consider when you are smoking. It is difficult to stop smoking as you tried in many ways. If you want to quit the smoking, then you have to busy your mind in other activities which help you to ignore the thought of smoking. It is dangerous to your health, so you have to quit.

Disadvantages of Smoking:-

Here are many problems with smoking which you have to know:-

  • Effect on Your Brain:-

You all know the brain is an integral part of our body for making the right decision and to solve the problem. If you are smoking, then it will enhance the stroke in your body from which you have to face many challenges with memory loss.

  • Effect on Your Teeth and Gums:-

The long-term taking of smoking will give the yellowish and brownish stains to your teeth. It may cause to infection of tooth and bone loss. It also raises the gum disease in your mouth from which you cannot take breathe properly. In addition to it, the smoker has to face many problems they have to quit smoking for their better and healthy future.

  • Effect on Your Skin:-

It will reduce the flow of blood in your skin it gives less nutrition. With the smoking, you skin start the wrinkles on your face which not looks good. If you take smoking for a long time, then it will increase the toxic chemical in your body. So it is better for you to quit smoking.

  • Effect on Your Immune System:-

It will destroy the immune system of your body. You have to face many problems if you continue smoking. If you want to stay healthy and tension free, then you have to stop smoking.

  • Getting Cancer:-

The long run of smoking may cause to the face the big problem of cancer. There are many adverse effects of smoking. Following are cancer which is caused by the smoking:-

  1. Kidney cancer
  2. Stomach cancer
  3. Mouth cancer
  4. Blood cancer
  5. Lungs cancer and so on

These are the adverse effect of smoking. Hope you quit smoking for your healthy life.