What are the reasons behind the lousy smoking?

Everyone knows that the smoking is not suitable for health. You have to avoid the smoking if you want to get the healthy and happy life. In the world, millions of people are addicted to smoking. They know the adverse effects of smoking, but they still use cigarettes, etc. the smoking will affect your whole body from the various diseases. It may also cause cancer when you take it continuously. You have to know that the smoking is terrible for your health. If you are a smoker, then you have to stop smoking as soon as possible.

Here are many reasons that why smoking is bad for your health are shown below:-

  • Financial Reasons:-

In the recent years, the smoking is getting more expensive because the user is increasing day by day. The people who are addicted to smoking they have to buy it in any condition. The smoker uses the money on smoking then they have to save their money which they use in smoking. For improve3 their financial condition the users hereto stop smoking.

With the help of quit smoking, they can easily save their money. If the smokers use it continuously, then they suffer from the diseases. From this, they have to spend money to treat these diseases. In addition to it, the smoker has to pay more money for their life insurance.

  • Health Reason:-

The use of cigarettes and much other material of smoking are horrible for your health. It may lead to the numerous diseases like heart diseases, cancer, and many problems related to their health. If you were smoking daily without any restriction, then it may also lead to the death of the smoker, so you have to save yourself by quit smoking.

Also it, millions of people are dead only with the more extended use of smoking.  From the first step of smoking your body damage start. If you want to save your life or want to control these damages, then you have to quit smoking.


These are the reason that why smoking is bad. Hope you understand the adverse effects of smoking. So you have to encourage the people to quit smoking. With tobacco, they will damage their life. If you stop smoking, then you can get countless benefits which are effective for you as well as for your family also.